How Samantha Ecker finished the Ironman Kona

How Samantha Ecker finished the Ironman Kona

Oct 17, 2023

Samantha Ecker triathlete and Amacx ambassador, she was at the start of the Ironman Kona on October 14. The competition in Hawaii is the ultimate crowning achievement for triathletes all over the world. It is a race of 3.8 kilometers swimming, 180 kilometers cycling and 42.2 kilometers running.

“After more than ten years of doing artistic gymnastics, I decided to take up running occasionally during my university studies. In 2019, with the support of friends, I started triathlon and also started swimming and cycling. I quickly became addicted to this sport, which is so diverse and varied and in which you can really surpass yourself.” Says Samantha about her passion.

Why is sports nutrition important during a triathlon?

Although triathlon is actually made up of three disciplines, it is not uncommon for many people to view nutrition as the fourth discipline in this sport, which must be trained and mastered just as well as the others. Samantha has learned that good nutrition is the key to success, you have to train both your intestines and your legs.

During a 10 to 11 hour race, sports nutrition is very important, if you are poorly nourished you cannot succeed and there is a risk that you will not reach the finish. So it is very important to eat and drink regularly, and to rely on quality products that make eating and counting carbohydrates easy.


Nutrition plan for Ironman WC Kona

Samantha has drawn up an nutrition plan for the Ironman WC in Kona. She expects the match to last about 11 hours. During the race she will consume the following products:

  • 1x Drink Gel for swimming
  • 1x Drink Gel after swimming
  • Energy Line product every 30 minutes while cycling
    Energy Fruit Chew, Drink Gel, Fast Bar and Energy Drink.
  • While running, she chooses the Drink Gel , every 30 minutes

Partly given the humidity and heat in Kona, Samantha aimed to drink about 1.2 liters per hour while cycling. Her water bottles were filled with Energy Drink and Hydro tabs.

The nutrition plan consists of 90 grams of carbohydrates per hour, for running this will amount to approximately 60/90 grams of carbohydrates per hour. She took a Drink Gel every 30 minutes and grabbed extra drinks at the feeding stations where possible.

The Race

Swim bike run, Ironman

It was a challenge both physically and mentally, but Samantha was determined to make it a success. Samantha's goal was to have fun and enjoy the experience. She wanted to experience the island, the atmosphere and the mantra of Kona. But she also hoped for a good ranking in her age category. The race was tough, the heat and humidity were an extra challenge, but she held up well. She finished the race in 11 hours and 8 minutes, which was a good time for her age group. Samantha was thrilled with her performance. She had achieved her dream and had an unforgettable experience. She was proud of herself and hoped her story could inspire others to pursue their dreams.

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