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Amacx ambassador Daan Grosemans ready for the Gravel World Cup

Oct 07, 2023

Amacx ambassador Daan Grosemans will be at the start of the Gravel World Championships in Italy on October 8. The gravel rider from Belgium is ready for the challenge and has high expectations in his age group.

Grosemans loves cycling. He started on the road, but after a few years looked for more variety. Gravel turned out to be the perfect solution. "Gravel offers me more freedom in routes and the opportunity to cover longer distances than on a mountain bike," says Grosemans.

Sports nutrition essential for gravel riders

Gravel riding is a physically challenging sport. To perform well it is important to eat and drink enough. Daan knows better than anyone how important sports nutrition is. "It is advantageous to have fast and efficient food available, because you have little time to eat because of the challenging course," says Grosemans.

Nutrition plan for WK Gravel

Grosemans has drawn up an extensive nutrition plan for the Gravel World Championships. He expects the match to last about 5.5 hours. During the race he will consume the following products:

Daan Grosemans

High expectations

Grosemans has high expectations of the Gravel World Championships. “I want to compete for the win within my age group,” he says. "In any case, it will be a difficult race in which the best will remain. Provided I have a good day, the course should suit me very well."

We wish Daan the best of luck at the Gravel World Championships!

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