For the next two years, Amacx Sport Nutritions will partner with UCI World Tour cycling team Jumbo Visma. The intensive cooperation with specialists from Jumbo combines their experience with the knowledge from Amacx. This way, products can be further developed where necessary. The choice from the team to cycle with Amacx proves the quality and trust in the product.  

Team Q36.5

Amacx has entered into a partnership with UCI Procontinental Cycling Team Q36.5. We also work extensively with this team to further develop Amacx products.

This cycling team is linked to the Qhubeka charity, which gives us at Amacx extra motivation to support this team. 

Amstel Gold Race (tour)

We are pleased to announce that for the next three years, Amacx will supply all 15,000 participants in the Toerversie van de Amstel Gold Race with the necessary sports drinks and nutrition at the start and along the way.

UW&TC de Volharding

This nationally performing cycling club is supported with our sports nutrition. Its distinctive red jersey is often seen in the front ranks. As such, this club is known for years of success and producing several professionals such as Wilco Kelderman, Jos van Emden and Nils Eekhoff.