Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team

Upgrade Your Limits With: Team Q36.5 Pro Cycling

Jan 15, 2024

Summer has turned into autumn, marking the end of the cycling season. As the chill of winter slowly settles upon us, it is the perfect time to look back on a wonderful cycling season with our valued partners. In this post, we look back on an exceptional year with the Q36.5 Pro Cycling, where this new team experienced a season with triumphs and consistent top-10 finishes, striving towards obtaining a World Tour license by 2026.

The start of our collaboration with this ambitious Swiss team takes us back to the beginning of 2023. Emerging from our former partner Team Qhubeka, Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team was born from the belief that cycling is about much more than just winning races. They race for progress and change, using the power of the peloton to drive people and performance forward. The team's mission, defined in #RacingTheFuture, lies at the heart of our collaboration, propelling us to redefine the possibilities within the cycling realm.

In line with this mission, we developed sports nutrition together with the team. Carles Tur Carbonell, the sports nutrition specialist of Team Q36.5, mentioned on our website about this collaboration: "Amacx offers various options within their range, which, in my opinion, are essential for the needs of a professional athlete: a wide variety of flavors, perfect ingredient compositions, and products that are very well tolerated by the stomach/intestines, preventing complaints”. However, this foundation was already established at an earlier stage, bringing us back to the era of Team Qhubeka.

The partnership between Amacx and Team Qhubeka took shape in 2021, marking a unique collaboration. This differentiation came from the fact that sports nutrition was not yet fully embraced and valued within the world of cycling during that period, particularly among riders who had a basic understanding focused on maximizing carbohydrate intake.

In response, our collaborative approach was initiated, with riders testing and integrating our products into their training routines, so they can get to know our range of products. Simultaneously, we actively engaged, providing education, advice, and gathering feedback. The primary goal was to bridge the knowledge gap and instill an understanding of the importance of a well-balanced sports nutrition approach. As time progressed, riders developed a deeper understanding of our products. Through ongoing collaboration, we collectively crafted the Turbo Fruit, a forerunner to the current Energy Fruit Chew. This evolution serves as a testament to the knowledge exchange and synergy between Amacx and Team Qhubeka, laying the foundation for the future of our collaboration.

After Team Qhubeka ceased to exist and transitioned into Team Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team, the laid foundation was further built upon, and nutritional formulas were therefore continued and refined. This ensured an optimal blend of nutrients to support the training and race performances of the riders. Moreover, this collaboration contributed to refining nutrition strategies, enabling us to continuously assist the riders in maintaining consistent performance levels, thus helping them reach their highest potential during the demanding cycling season. This dedicated approach to nutrition is considered essential in professional cycling, ensuring riders are well-prepared for the challenges they face. It's no coincidence that this commitment has resulted in a broad range of outstanding performances and victories.

The team's effort together as a team resulted in an impressive total of 7 victories, 22 podium finishes, and an outstanding 103 top-10 placements throughout the season, highlighting their consistent high-level performances. Their relentless efforts and achievements prove their commitment to improving their position in the sport. Moreover, these season achievements testify to the joint efforts of the Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team, Amacx, and our shared dedication to advancing people and performance. What started as a pioneering collaboration has now evolved into a dynamic partnership that continues to influence and shape the way cyclists approach their nutrition strategies. This remarkable year sets the stage for a promising future, and we eagerly anticipate sustained success as we continue to push boundaries and strive for even greater milestones in the seasons ahead.

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