Fem van Empel

The favorite of: Fem van Empel

Mar 02, 2023

Amacx Sports Nutrition asked the riders of Team Jumbo-Visma what their favorite Amacx product is.

Fem van Empel's favorite is the Drink Gel. "The Drink Gel is my favorite gel. The soft taste and watery structure make it easy to drink. There is no aftertaste. In addition, the Drink Gel also has 30 grams of carbohydrates, which makes it ideal during both training and competitions" Thus Fem.

What exactly is the Drink Gel?

It is a handy gel that you can drink during exercise. The gel contains carbohydrates and the right amount of sodium that optimally supports you to perform at your best. Because the gel is easy to consume, it is a convenient way to keep your energy levels up during long rides, competitions or workouts.

What is so nice about the Drink Gel is that it not only works, but is also tasty. The gel has a fresh taste and, because water has already been added, does not need to be washed down with a drink of water. It is an ideal product to use during a long and tiring training or competition. But it's not just about the taste - the Drink Gel is also really effective. It has been scientifically proven that consuming carbohydrates during exercise can improve performance.

Do you also want to try Fem's favorite product? We have a Variety Pack Drink Gel in which you can try all flavors.

Fem van Empel

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