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Start your ride with a full tank

Nov 09, 2023

Many fanatic cyclists know that before an endurance ride of four hours or longer, you need to eat well. After all, during such a long ride, the body consumes a lot of energy and you also lose a lot of fluids. Because you don't want to run into the man with the hammer and, of course, avoid that annoying hunger pangs, you need to replenish these deficiencies in time.  But how exactly do you do that?

Start your endurance ride with a full tank

Once you have a four-hour endurance ride scheduled, it's important to start the day with a carbohydrate-rich breakfast, because you naturally want to get on your bike recharged and full of energy. Are you starting your endurance ride later in the day and could use some extra energy? Then the Amacx Fast Bar is perfect for topping up the tank. This is because all carbohydrates from food are converted by the body into glycogen. Then the body stores it in the liver and muscles. After about ninety minutes of low-speed cycling, this energy supply is burned up and the body switches to fat burning. And that's not a pleasant feeling and, of course, you want to avoid that.

How much do I need?

Therefore, don't wait to refill until this energy supply is exhausted, but make sure you get enough carbohydrates spread over these four hours. Most athletes follow the guideline of about one gram of carbohydrates per kilogram of body weight. So a cyclist weighing around eighty pounds should take eighty grams of carbohydrates per hour for optimal results. So for a four-hour endurance ride, that quickly means 320 grams of carbohydrates per ride.

Thereby, the ratio between the different types of carbohydrates is perhaps just as important. After all, the stomach and intestines cannot process more than 60 to 90 carbohydrates per hour, provided you train for it, you can absorb up to 120 grams of carbohydrates with the Amacx Turbo Line. If you take in too many carbohydrates at once, you may suffer from cramps, abdominal pain and sometimes even diarrhea. And of course you want to avoid that on your bike! That's why it's smart to choose a product with a carbohydrate ratio of two parts maltodextrin and one part fructose. In this ratio, the risk of gastrointestinal problems is small, while the body can then process a lot of carbohydrates. This is why Amacx's Energy Drink is a good choice during a four-hour endurance ride.

Don't forget to drink

In addition to fueling your energy supply, it is important to drink enough while cycling. This is because on the way, the body also loses a lot of liquid. This is partly due to sweating, but moisture also disappears from the body during breathing out. You can measure the amount of liquid you lose using your body weight. You can do this very easily by weighing yourself before and after the endurance ride. The difference in pounds is the number of liters of liquid you have lost.

The impact of fluid loss is often underestimated by athletes, even though it can have a significant impact on your athletic performance. If you already lose more than two percent of your body weight in liquid, your exercise capacity may already decrease. You may also experience dizziness or cramps. How much liquid you lose depends, for example, on your height, weight and build. Weather conditions also affect our fluid loss. So take a regular test on the scale to find out what you need during a four-hour endurance ride.

Make a plan

Now that you know what your carbohydrate and fluid needs are, you can look for the perfect sports nutrition product for you. But what is that? That depends on your personal preferences. Some athletes choose the convenience of the Amacx Drink Gel and slake their thirst with a large water bottle with a Hydrotab from Amacx. Others choose an isotonic sports drink like the Energy Drink from Amacx. Do you prefer a tasty snack on the go? Then the Energy Nougat or the Energy Fruit Chew might be for you. By making a plan and experimenting with different types of sports nutrition during workouts, you will naturally learn what suits you. And that will give you maximum enjoyment and results during a four-hour endurance ride!

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