The Fueling Success of Team Q36.5 Pro Cycling rider Kamil Małecki

The Fueling Success of Team Q36.5 Pro Cycling rider Kamil Małecki

Apr 10, 2024

In the heart of the spring cycling season, the classics follow one another in rapid succession. Amidst the spectacle, however, individual performances shine that are truly remarkable. Riding two of the toughest one-day races within a span of 7 days, both resulting in a top-20 finish, while just two years ago the shadow of unemployment loomed, is a story worthy of attention. It's the story of Kamil Małecki, a rider at our partner ProTeam Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team, who, with a 14th place at the Tour of Flanders followed by an 18th place in Paris-Roubaix, not only conquered the infamous cobblestones but also exceeded all expectations. Together with Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team nutritionist Adam Pluciński, we delve deeper into the story behind these remarkable performances, in which nutrition played a crucial role.

Wintertraining and nutritional strategies

The first preparations began back in the Winter, during the Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team training camps in southern Spain. Adam reflects: "Kamil's preparation for the classics season started a long time ago; we implemented protocols to maintain his weight and train his gastrointestinal system already during the December training camp. Additionally, we found that Kamil is sensitive to a reduction in fiber and that he needs extra support to keep his gastrointestinal tract functioning properly."

Teamwork in Małecki's performance in the spring classics

Throughout the pre-season, Małecki did what he does best: get to work. After several months of solid training, he began his season in Antalya, where he did his utmost to support his teammates in the general classification. He then focused on the classics, where he was a constant presence in Q36.5 Pro Cycling team rosters. His mission was always to race in a supporting role, and so it happened that Małecki consistently crossed the finish line in every race, paving the way for his incredible performance at the Tour of Flanders, his first Monument of the season.

Immediately after finishing the Tour of Flanders, Małecki said, "I've broken myself. My body is dead." He had just achieved a remarkable 14th place in the Tour of Flanders. A week later, he backed up this incredible feat with an 18th place at Paris-Roubaix.

Nutrition planning before the big day

The first steps towards these performances were already taken on the day before the two monuments. Adam explains: "The biggest challenge was carbohydrate loading the day before the race, and the carbohydrate-rich breakfast just before the start of the races. The plan was set for an intake of 120g of carbohydrates per hour, and that's exactly what he was able to achieve. So, during the Tour of Flanders, he consumed a total of 640g of carbohydrates, and during Paris-Roubaix 600g, all fueled by the Amacx Turbo Line. The ability to effortlessly consume these amounts of carbohydrates with the right nutrition during these efforts has helped Kamil maintain his performance levels even after hours of tough racing.”

Upgrade Your Limits

His performances demonstrate how a thoughtful nutrition plan can contribute to such achievements. Kamil's outstanding results in two of the most important and challenging races of the Spring not only illustrate the impact of nutrition on such performances but also demonstrate the thoughtful approach of Adam and the rest of the staff at Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team, a fine result of our intensive collaboration with but one goal in mind: Upgrade Your Limits!

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