FLY Bottle


Elite Fly bottle

The Elite Fly water bottle from Amacx is transparent with the Amacx logo and A logomark on it along with the slogan. The bottle is available in both 550 ml and 750 ml. Elite’s FLY water bottles are the lightest available on the market. The 550 ml version weighs only 54 grams

  • Amacx logo and A logomark + slogan.
  • Lightest water bottle in the world
  • Rinse / wash with a MAXIMUM OF 40 DEGREES water!
  • BPA-free

FLY Bottle

Look no further tan the Fly bidon from Amacx. With a transparent body featuring the Amacx logo and A logomark, as well as a catchy slogan, this bidon not only keeps you hydrated, but also adds a touch of style to your gear.

One of the standout features of the Elite Fly bidon is its weight. Weighing in at only 54 grams for the 550 ml version, it is the lightest bidon on the market!

Available in both 550 ml and 750 ml sizes, the Fly bidon from Amacx is a must-have for anyone who values hydration and style. With its sleek design and impressive weight, it's the perfect addition to your workout or outdoor adventure gear.