Amacx Loli Bidon


Amacx Elite Loli water bottle 

The Elite Loli water bottle by Amacx features the Amacx logo and A logo mark. Available in 600ml and 800ml sizes, it comes in black and blue colors.

  • Amacx logo and A logomark
  • Soft pull spout
  • 100% recyclable
  • Dishwasher-safe (max. 40 °C)
  • BPA-free

Go for Quality and Style

The Elite Loli water bottle comes in a sleek black design and features our recognisable Amacx logo and A-logo mark. This shows athletes that you choose quality and professionalism. The water bottle is available in two different sizes: 600 ml and 800 ml, so you can choose which size best suits your needs.