Team Swix and Amacx

Team Swix and Amacx

Jun 11, 2024

We are a team of six professional cross-country skiers aiming for medals and victories in one of the most significant and historical winter sports. We wake up every day with the ambition to develope and perform at our highest level, and to be able to do that, Amacx is one of our most important partners.

Cross country skiing is the national sport of Norway. It´s all about beeing the fastest man or female from the start to the finish line with your skies and poles. As many other sports we compete both in mass starts where the first one to the finish line is the winner, but also we have multiple races designed as individual time trials. Beside the obvious demand of beeing well trained physically, cross country skiing also offers a lot of technical challenges. The snow behaves very different from track to track and conditions to conditions and the challenges are never the same. We compete in races between 1,5 to 50 kilometres.

The top level skiers usually does around 1000 hours of training every season. Therefore, the nutrition we choose to have with us during those hours is crucial. When we got to test Amacx-products during a training camp last season, we immediately felt the difference in both performance and restitution. We did the same long sessions, but felt better afterward. We also felt and performed better at the hard sessions. That´s when we realized how much this collaboration could affect our performances.

  • I´ve got to know the products through a Norwegian cyclist from Team Visma Lease a bike and knew immediately that this is something that simply will improve us, says Team Swix´s most successful skier this season, Mattis Stenshagen.


We always take one Turbo-gel close to the start. With the 1:0,8 ratio we know there is no better product to take in right before a race start. The most common race time for us is around 20 minutes, so we don´t usually take anything during a race. However when we do races from 20 to 50k we take in at least 100gr of carbs every hour. During training we aim to take around 60gr of carbs per hour, with the Energy Fruit Chew beeing our favourite.

  • I love how the Energy Fruit Chew is so easy to digest during training. I almost can´t believe that 30 grams og carbs can be eaten so fast and taste so good, says the new Team Swix athelete of the year David Thorvik.


Our goal is to fight for WC victories every season. This year we managed to get on the podium two times, both beeing under two seconds from the victory. When we start the season in November, we will start the most exciting season in our careers. In february/march 2025 the World Championship will be hosted in Trondheim, Norway. This will be the biggest event in Norway since the World Championships in 2011, which mobilized the whole country.

  • Our goal is to be there fighting for the medals on at least one or two distances. We showed the world this season that we are capable and will train every day to achieve our goals, says Henrik Dønnestad which was on the podium in the the try out race in the tracks in Trondheim in December.

We are ready to take on the best skiers in the world in the fight for medals and victories in the seasons ahead, and we know we have an advantage with Amacx as our partner.

Team Swix

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