Belgian Cycling & Amacx Sports Nutrition

Amacx Sports Nutrition new sports nutrition partner of Belgian Cycling

Jan 31, 2024

With great enthusiasm, we are pleased to announce a new partnership between Amacx Sports Nutrition and Belgian Cycling. Over the next three years, Amacx will supply all sports nutrition to the national teams in various disciplines within Belgian Cycling.

Frederik Broché, Technical Director of Belgian Cycling, expresses his delight about this new collaboration: "Sports nutrition is one of the facets in which cycling has made great strides in recent years. Customized fuel for the individual, specific efforts, and the period in which the rider finds themselves is now the standard among athletes in a high-performance environment. In our mission to develop and support the best Belgian talents towards international top performances, sports nutrition is a crucial component. Thanks to Amacx, we will have access to reliable, high-quality, and varied sports nutrition products that are warmly welcomed by our experts and riders!"

Tiesj Benoot, a participant in the World Championship selection for the pros, knows Amacx from his time with Team Visma | Lease a Bike: "Amacx brings out the best in me. The products provide ideal fuel during efforts and optimal recovery between training sessions and races."

Gino Vierhouten, General Director of Amacx Sport Nutrition, also looks forward to the collaboration with enthusiasm: "After years of active presence, mainly in the Dutch market, we are proud to see that more and more athletes outside the Netherlands are discovering us in their search for quality sports nutrition. By entering into a partnership with Belgian Cycling, we take an extra step with great enthusiasm in the Belgian market. We are confident that this will further increase our visibility. We also share the belief that Amacx sports nutrition will help the athletes of Belgian Cycling to push their performances even further, under our mission: Upgrade Your Limits!"

Amacx will provide the riders of the Belgian Cycling Team with a comprehensive mix of products, including gels, bars, and sports drinks.

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