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Amacx Recovery Shake

The Amacx Recovery Shake is a must to consume after heavy exercise where you have drained all your reserves from your body. It is then important to replenish glycogen in the form of carbohydrates as quickly as possible together with proteins to support your muscle recovery immediately. The unique thing about this Recovery Shake is that the carbohydrates are added in the special 2:1 carbohydrate ratio, making it easier for the body to absorb these deficiencies immediately after exercise. Moreover, a simultaneous intake of carbohydrates and proteins stimulates the replenishment of your glycogen stores even more than if you were to consume a carbohydrate-rich product alone.

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    Amacx Recovery Drink

    Amacx Recovery Drink replenishes energy deficits after exercise. This Recovery Drink contains essential proteins, carbohydrates and minerals (3:1 ratio). The 3-component carbohydrate mix ensures muscle and liver glycogen reserves are replenished. You should take this drink immediately after a training session, as your body is then best able to absorb nutrients into your muscle cells. Available in Tropical and Forest Fruit flavours.

    Supports the replenishment of your energy deficits after exercise.

    Magnesium promotes energy metabolism

    Contains proteins, carbohydrates and minerals

    3-component carbohydrate mix that replenishes muscle and liver glycogen

    Fresh flavour

    Contains 62g of carbohydrates and 25.8g of protein per 100g

    Use Recovery Drink within 45 minutes of exercise for optimal recovery support.