Amacx Bar Bag


The Amacx Bar Bag

As soon as the bags can no longer provide enough room for all the goodies you take on the road, there is the handlebar bag from Amacx. Easy to attach to handlebars and frames with Velcro, without being able to damage anything.

The handlebar bag has a large main compartment, which can be filled to capacity. Not enough space? A zip runs down the entire side of the handlebar bag; unzipping this increases the total volume of the bag. So you can take even more with you!

On the back of the handlebar bag is a pocket with its own lining on the inside. From both sides this can be accessed with a zip, for example to store your phone extra well. Or to put a powerbank to charge your bike computer on the go.

  • Two Velcro strips for handlebar attachment
  • Velcro strap for frame
  • Wrist strap with press stud for off the bike
  • Can be changed in volume
  • Can be opened from the bike

Amacx Bar Bag

The handlebar bag was developed in the Netherlands specifically to meet the needs of cyclists who spend long days on the bike. It can be used for multi-day tours and cycling adventures. But also ideal for long endurance training, where not only your sports nutrition but also everything you need for the road can be stored nicely.